Services offers a variety of trips year round; four hour, six hour, and all day trips as well as speciality custom trips. On each of these trips, we can take up to six people, though three to four is the ideal number of anglers. All rods and reels, bait, ice, and licenses are included in the price of the trip. All you need to bring is your party, water, snacks, a bag lunch, sunscreen, hat, glasses and a willingness to have fun fishing! Alcohol is allowed on the boat, however, glass is prohibited. All drinks must be in aluminum or plastic containers.

Our boat, the Dirt Dragger, is a 33 foot center console tournament edition Contender. She has triple 250 horsepower Yamaha outboard motors. She sports three live wells, a 420 quart Yeti coffin box cooler, and a fully functioning head onboard. The center console features an eisenglass enclosure that keeps the cockpit and back end of the boat dry and out of the wind while running. Bean bag chairs with arm rests and back supports make for a comfortable ride even on rough seas.

Four Hour Trips - $600 plus gratuity

These daily four hour trips are a great family oriented trip. Great for families with kids and casual fisherpeople looking for a good time fishing. We'll catch a lot of grunts, grey snapper, and red groupers. Captain Tom loves grunt and grey snappers and thinks they are some of the best eating fish the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. We'll keep the rods bent and the fun happening.

Six Hour Trips - $800 plus gratuity

The six hour trips are for more serious fishermen looking for adventure. We'll go up to 30 miles offshore and catch a wider variety of fish. We'll be able to catch mangrove, lane, yellowtail, and vermillion snapper, porgies, red and gag grouper, and amberjacks. Seasonally, we can also catch kingfish and cobia on these trips.

All Day Trips - $850 plus fuel and gratuity

The All Day Trips allow you to give input into your adventure. Since you pay for the fuel, you'll work with Captain Tom to determine how far you want to run and what kind of fish you want to catch. When you return to the dock, Captain Tom will swipe your credit card for the gallons of fuel burned for your trip at the cost of fuel at the Marina Jack fuel dock. The cost of fuel is in addition to the base rate and crew tip for the trip. We can target a large variety of fish, including, but not limited to red, gag, scamp, and black grouper, a large variety of snappers including mangrove and red snapper, amberjack, barracuda, and sharks. Seasonally, we can also target wahoo, mahi-mahi, blackfin tuna, and kingfish. The All Day Trips can go up to 100 miles offshore and depths up to 1000 feet. With a cruising speed up to 35 knots depending on sea conditions, you can get out further and faster than any other charter boat in Sarasota. On average, the boat burns one gallon per mile.

Speciality Custom Trips - Please call for information

This trip is for the hardcore, very experienced fishermen that are seeking deep water fishing on a unique charter unlike any other trip they've been on. Like the All Day Trip, you pay for the fuel used for your trip in addition to the base rate and tip and we'll customize the trip to what you want to catch. We can target warsaw, yellowedge, snowy, speckled hind ('kitty mitchell'), mystic and scamp grouper, golden tilefish, very large amberjack and pelagics such as blackfin tuna and sailfish. We'll take up to four anglers for up to 23.5 hours. Call us to discuss what you want from the trip.

Throughout the year, we will offer shorter specialized trips to target seasonal species such as cobia, permit, african pompano and kingfish when they are near Sarasota. Additionally, we are available for chartering for tournaments. Call us to discuss.